Custom campaign design service

Running a successful photography business means more than just creating beautiful portraits. With everything else you have to do, you don’t always have time to be a chief marketing officer too. The good news is you don’t have to. Not only did we build an automated marketing funnel specifically for photographers, we also customize the campaigns to help you win. So instead of staying up past midnight trying to write the perfect set of emails, you can sleep soundly–knowing we’ve got your back.


3 – 6 Days


Level 1


  • Includes up to 4 broadcasts from the original campaign
  • Can opt out of any of the stock broadcasts
  • Text changes
  • Replace Marketing Banners (replacement images supplied by studio)
  • Up to 2 rounds of changes

Level 2


  • Includes up to 6 broadcasts from the original campaign
  • Text changes
  • Can opt out of any of the stock broadcasts
  • Replace Marketing Banners (replacement images supplied by studio)
  • Modify Branding colors
  • Up to 2 rounds of changes

Level 3


  • 30-Minute marketing consultation
  • Create a unique campaign (up to 6 broadcasts) 
  • Add-on product changes outside of the template theme in the original design
  • Up to 2 rounds of changes



15% oFF

  • Get 15% off your 3 campaign funnel when you have us create your prospect, lead and buyer campaign at the same time. Service time will be up to double the number of days.



  • Add an additional broadcast to your campaign



  • Add a feature product callout (package or add-on from your price list) to a broadcast of your choice


Starting with our stock campaigns, each broadcast will be customized to fit your needs. Each campaign will include both email and text messaging (SMS) broadcasts. A campaign will be created for a specific sales type: Prepay, Proofing or 2nd Sale. Your campaign will have a specific target with a measurable goal.

ProspectCreate picture day sale awarenesLogin to event
LeadRe engage families that abandoned their shopping cartPlace an order
BuyerMaximize customer experience and loyaltyPlace additional order

When you order campaign design, you will select a campaign target unless you choose to have an entire campaign funnel designed. At which point you will receive 3 campaigns—1 for each target.

  • Must have an active hhimagehost account. Learn more about our ecommerce service, hhimagehost:
  • Order will be billed when the preview is sent; changes may still be made after an order is billed.
  • Changes will only be allowed in the portion(s) of the broadcasts that have been customized. Any changes requested outside of this area will result in additional fees.
  • Changes must be made within the original sales style chosen. Changing sales styles constitutes a new order.
  • Changes must be made within the original campaign target chosen. Changing campaign targets constitutes a new order.
  • Once a campaign is approved and delivered, any additional changes will require a new order.
  • Up to 2 rounds of changes (submitted together at one time) are included in the original fee. Any changes over this amount will be billed separately.