Personal proofing galleries to help you sell sports and school pictures

Connect with customers // Effective Marketing // Seamless Integration

Selling School & Sports Pictures Should Not HAVE TO Be Difficult.

  • Are you looking for ways to reach and sell to parents?
  • Is your online presale disconnected from your workflow?
  • Are you struggling with making it easy for anyone to order?
  • Is image privacy and security important to you and your clients?
  • Does online sales make your brain hurt?

A proofing gallery should be clean, secure, easy to use, have the ability to generate sales and help market YOU. When we looked at the online sales business, we set out to be different – to leverage the extreme data and product personalization capabilities we had to provide something unique. It was a priority to keep the studio brand out front and to reduce the workload on our pro studio business customers. hhimagehost can be used as a stand-alone online sales system, or can be operated as an extension of hhschools and hhsports orders.


  • Simple, clean layout
  • Multiple price lists
  • Customizable to showcase your brand
  • Secure – you set passwords (or let hhschools do it for you!) for private client galleries
  • Responsive design from phone to desktop
  • Freedom to sell anything
  • Take control of your image download delivery
  • Immediate or delayed image downloads
  • Simple shopping cart
  • Text or png watermarks
  • Cart allows you to retouch files before printing


  • Offer online proofing in conjunction with printed proof plans to increase participation and sales
  • Offer products that you make in the studio or get somewhere else
  • Offer more knockout backgrounds than will fit on a proof plan flyer
  • Offer more products than will fit on a proof plan flyer
  • Have clients enter their own personalization data and import the data into hhschools for lower data entry costs